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Your available positions will never simply be copied and pasted throughout online job boards. We will actively network and headhunt in order to find the most dedicated, hardworking, qualified professionals who best meet your business needs.

​We offer competitive pricing on all of our services, operating with low ​overhead costs in order to provide our clients with quality services that are also cost efficient.


Connecting exceptional talent with you, our client!

At 3 Step Recruitment Inc., we believe that quality outweighs quantity. We value our p​rofessional relationships, your corporate culture and your time. Three steps are taken to evaluate all aspects of our clients’ needs in order to identify the most qualified candidates for a successful placement.

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Utilizing the best social networking sites on the

market today to assist in identifying exceptional

talent in various fields.


Evaluate, guide, support and inform our clients on the ever changing market trends in their fields.


3 Step Recruitment Inc, revolutionizing the recruitment process! Consult ∙ Recruit ∙ Hire